Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA) – Phase II

  • World Environment Day

  • MCCA Dissemination Workshop

  • Community Participation in Vulnerability Assessment

Background and Objectives


Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA) is the flagship programme of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MoNREC), Government of Myanmar under EU funded Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+) initiative. Under the first phase (2013-2018), MCCA supported Government of Myanmar to formulate Myanmar Climate Change Policy (MCCP) and Myanmar Climate Change Strategy and Master Plan (MCCSMP) (2018-2030) prioritising 6 sectors most impacted by climate change in Myanmar. The first phase of MCCA set the basis for future climate change action in Myanmar, filling the niche in the country’s political and institutional agenda.

Building on the outcomes of the MCCA1 and other ongoing climate change adaptation and mitigation-related projects and programmes in this country, MCCA2 will generate substantial synergies and bring out the maximum benefits from the implementation of the MCCSMP. MCCA2 is designed to support implementation of MCCSMP across prioritised sectors and will provide support to key ministries and departments to strengthen their capacity to respond to climate urgencies in their respective sector. MCCA2 will prioritise 3 sectors to provide more in-depth support on mainstreaming climate change into sectoral planning, budgeting and implementation.

In addition, MCCA2 will also keep addressing vulnerability to climate change and strengthening local actions through scaling up of local adaptation and mitigation planning in selected 8 townships, as well as engaging in mainstreaming climate change into local development planning process in Myanmar. MCCA2 will provide continuous support to develop enhanced knowledge and disseminate it to various targeted users to establish the climate change dialogue at different levels in Myanmar. Moreover, MCCA2 will continue providing support on climate change issues to achieve the targets of Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The overall objective: Myanmar becomes a climate-resilient and low-carbon society that is sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive.

The specific objective: To deepen the integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation into Myanmar’s national priorities and undertaking of gender-sensitive climate action

Main expected accomplishments

  1. Enhancing institutional capacities to create and maximise low-carbon and climate-resilient development actions that are aligned with the Climate Change Policy and Strategy
  2. Building resilience at the local level is supported taking into account the specific needs and demands of women and youth
  3. Improved climate sector dialogue through knowledge generation, awareness-raising, and communication

Cross-cutting issues

  • Climate Change: MCCA2 is designed to mainstream climate change into sectoral planning and budgeting process of Myanmar to support Government of Myanmar to ensure low-carbon pathway and climate resilience thus assist in achieving targets set out in MSDP aligned with SDGs.
  • Gender Strategy: MCCA2 has given special attention to address the gender issues as women are often disproportionately more impacted by climate change due to lack of awareness, opportunities, representation in decision making and formal employment etc.
  • Human Rights Strategy: MCCA2 and the climate resilience actions adhere to the human rights principles of equality and non-discrimination, inclusion and participation, accountability, and the rule of law.
  • Children, Youth and Older Persons Strategy: MCCA2 will implement the climate change communication strategy by dedicated awareness campaign on women, children, youth, old person etc.
  • Disability Strategy: MCCA2 will ensure the inclusion of disable people not only in the selection of most vulnerable groups identified in communities but also in multi-stakeholders consultations. Social sustainability plan and climate communication strategy will also engage with disable groups.

Development Partners/ Partners

Development Partner: European Union (EU)

Partner: UNEP

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Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA)