Myanmar Climate Change Policy (2019) – (ENG & MYA)

The Myanmar Climate Change Policy and the related Myanmar Climate Change Strategy and Master Plan (2018-2030) as a guiding policy and strategic framework are hereby adopted precisely to ensure that we take concrete, coordinated and sustained action over the long-term to transform Myanmar into a low-carbon and resilient country, which is able to develop in

Myanmar Climate Change Strategy (2018 – 2030) – (ENG & MYA)

The MCCS 2018-2030 has been formulated and adopted to provide a roadmap for Myanmar to strategically address climate-related risks, and also seize opportunities, over the next 13 years and beyond. The MCCS fully builds on the Myanmar Climate Change Policy’ (MCCP) principles and also upholds principles of: inclusive development, resource-efficient development, integrated development, results-oriented development. To

Myanmar Climate Change Master Plan (2018 – 2030) – (ENG & MYA)

The Myanmar Climate Change Master Plan (2018-2030) showcases the result of extensive in-depth sectoral consultations and bilateral discussions by line ministerial departments and enterprises, city development committees, research and academia, private and non-governmental organizations, civil-society organizations, development partners from national and international agencies, experts, technical working groups of Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA) as well